Yes, while this website is a parody, this award will be very real!

Soon we may be announcing the first recipient of the Fellowship.

The Fellowship is seen, at least by us, as a very poor-person's local imitation of the MacArthur Fellowship. We hope to do some good, but don't have much money with which to do so. Also, unlike the actual "genius grant," we don't actually have a formal nominating committee or selection process.

This grant, not yet commonly known as the Lil' Genius Grant, will anonymously bestow a one-time no-strings-attached $1,000 cash award to individuals in one of three categories:

Community improvement: Somebody who makes his or her neighborhood a better place.

Need: Somebody who actually helps people in need. Or just somebody in need.

Artistic: somebody who creates and makes the world better, or at least a more interesting place.

While $1,000 may not be life changing, it's not chump change to us. We hope those on the receiving end feel the same!