FAQs ("Frequently Asked Questions")

When And Where Does The Community Board Meet?

Queens Community Board 1 holds its regularly scheduled, full Board meeting on the third Tuesday of each month at the Astoria World Manor, 25-22 Astoria Boulevard,  at 7 P.M.  (On occasion time may vary, please check agenda.)  

How Do I Become A Member Of Queens Community Board 1?

If you want to join the community board, there's an application you can download online. Please follow all instructions carefully. Don't forget to get the signature of your local council person!

Do I have To Donate Money To My Council Member To Get On the Community Board?

No. But most members have. For more about conflict of interest and service on community boards, here is the city's list of helpful links. Of particular relevance to Queens Community Board 1: "A community board member may not, however, vote on any matter before his or her community board that could result in a personal and direct economic gain to the community board member or to anyone associated with the community board member."

Do I Have To Live In The Community To Serve On The Community Board?

God, no! Luckily there is no residency requirement. Perhaps 20 percent of members -- who knows? -- maintain connections to the community only through business and property interests.The law states simply that "board members must be New York City residents who live in or have a business, professional, or other significant interest in the district." It's so nice that even non-residents want to altruistically serve this community!

How Do I Get Something Done?

Call 311. Use 911 for emergencies related to police, fire, or ambulance.

How Do I Get Bike Parking In Front Of My Business Like I See in the Rest of the City?

You can't. Queens Community Board 1 discourages applications for bike parking if it is part of any "anti-automobile attitude" and takes away any valuable parking space for cars. And the DOT will not act without a Community Board's approval for such frivolities.

Why do the Painted Bike Lanes Basically Disappear North of 34th Ave?

Because north of 34th Ave is where the cars-first City Council District 22 begins. We would have loved to keep bike lanes out of our entire area, but sometimes that damn Jimmy Van Bremer can't be stopped.

Are Citibikes Coming to the Area?

Maybe. Eventually. We can't help what state senator Michael "Citibike will be a great addition to western Queens" Gianaris believes, but we've certainly does nothing to encourage it.

Is This The Real Queens Community Board 1 Website?

No. Of course not. This is a parody, as reported in DNAinfo.com, the Queens Chronicle, the Daily News, the Times Ledger, and DNAinfo again. Their real website is here. But good luck finding any substantive information as to what the Queens Community Board 1 actually does.

Is It True The City Of New York Threatened You With A Lawsuit?

Yes. For copyright violation. Apparently the Queens Community Board 1 does not have a sense of humor or welcome public criticism.

The Son of Former Council Member Peter Vallone, Sr. said This Website Is The Work of "Anonymous Morons ... I Think It's A Shame That The Hardworking Volunteers On Our Community Board Have To Put Up With Anonymous, False Accusations!” What gives?

Gosh, we're hurt. And confused. Because the son of former Council Member Peter Vallone, Sr. said he has never visited this website. And along with never being wrong, he always told the truth. But what we find most odd is that there are not really any accusations at all on this website (much less any false ones).

Everything on this site is true, at least as far as we know (corrections are more than welcome). Much of what may be interpreted by some as "accusations" are actual quotes said by Queens Community Board 1 members. It's only funny because it's true.

We do not attribute these quotes to individual members because we don't want to be seen as picking on individual members. This website is meant to be informative and humorous, not vindictive. We have nothing against the board members personally. They're very nice people who probably do work hard to represent their interests very well. We just want a community board that actually represents the entire community.

Instead of Griping, Why Don't You Join Queens Community Board 1?

This fabulous idea was disingenuously proposed by the District Manager of Queens Community Board 1. The whole problem has been that the board wasn't open to new members. Had the community board been open to new members -- and had the community board had an actually website in 2012 -- this website would have never been created.

Things are a bit better now. So hey, for all you know, maybe we are now members of Queens Community Board 1!